David giofu
06 Dec 2009, 03:08
How can I redeem ny Outback Steakhouse gift cards?

07 Dec 2009, 13:19
That you for your comment David, but we do not represent Outback Steakhouse in any way. I suggest you contact the company directly.

glenys macdonald
18 Dec 2009, 01:21
can you please give me info as how to get in contact with the company? i have same question as guy before me regarding gift cards. thanks much. merry festivus!

18 Dec 2009, 16:52
Hi Glenys,

Thank you for your comment. We suggest you get the contact information directly from their Web site at: Per Chris' message, we are not associated with them.

Happy holidays to you too.


21 Jan 2010, 20:27
Greeeaat -.- I finally move up to Ontario and my favorite restaurant from back home closes. Lost another home comfort :(

21 Jan 2010, 20:46
regarding gift card; hubby and i went to jack astor's this past saturday evening and they honoured the outback card no questions asked and no problem. it's not a great steakhouse like outback, but good food nonetheless (and let's face it, free food is usually the good variety)

22 Jan 2010, 02:01
Glenys, thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear you didn't lose your money.


19 Mar 2010, 23:44
Wait! There is still one Outback left in Ontario! It's in Niagara Falls just off Fallsview drive. We ate there on Tuesday March 16th and it was excellent! I had been in bloomin onion withdrawl for a year! Hope this gives you hope Heather!

Ruth Ann
13 Apr 2010, 13:18
I am so sad - just came online to find an Outback close to where I live in Ontario - we loved eating at Outback in the States!!!

Glenn Patrick
12 Dec 2010, 21:15
Hi There, With regards to the Outback that closed in Windsor,Ontario. Do you know who owns the building? I have an investor from Texas that would like to view the building. His plans are to open another resurant francise. You can contact me at 519-735-6015. Thank you Glenn

ken simard
19 Jan 2012, 22:28
Proud ontario resident i will never eat at any of your resturants again d

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