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Cara makes changes at the top

TORONTO—Cara Operations Ltd. has seen movement in its executive ranks lately, with changes of presidents at three of its restaurant chains and the departure of a long-time purchasing officer.

Montana’s president president Andy O’Brien has added a second presidency to his job description, that of Kelsey’s.

And Harvey’s president Rick McNabb is now president of Milestones as well. Former Kelsey’s president David Minnett now holds that title at Swiss Chalet.

Peter Amirault, former president of Swiss Chalet, and Peter Housley, the previous president of Milestones, have both left the company. Also gone is Frank Hennessey, former vice-president of purchasing for Cara.

This is the second time president and chief executive officer Don Robinson has made multiple changes at the top of Cara’s restaurant chains.

About four months after coming on the job in 2006, he installed new presidents at Swiss Chalet, Harvey’s, Montana’s and Kelsey’s. Three months after that he brought in Housley to run Milestones.

Amirault came from Creemore Springs Brewery, a craft beer producer that had been bought by Molson.

Housley came from the LavaLife dating service. He had previously held executive positions at Zeller’s, Eaton’s and LavaLife Inc.

O’Brien and Minnett came from Effem Foods where Robinson had been Canadian president before joining Cara.

McNabb was a Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet franchisee when he came to Cara to take on the role of president at Harvey’s, which had been vacant for two years.

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