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Technomic’s trend report for 2013

CHICAGO––Technomic, released its forecast of five trends in the restaurant industry for 2013. Here’s what they said is in store:

1. Snacking and sharing – changes in eating habits as well as changes in social behaviour suggests that diners are seeking out snack-size portions or offerings of multiple small portions that can be shared amongst a group.

2. Playing chicken – following what Technomic called the better-burger trend, an upgrade in chicken provisions is the next logical step. Local, naturally-fed, high quality birds will be the next order of business cooked to perfection.

3. Finish your vegetables–and, sometimes start with them. Technomic said more local and seasonal vegetables will be hitting the plates. Not only will this healthy option compliment proteins, but become the focus of meals as well, straying away from the meat and potato serving.

4. Asian influence–this cuisine has been readily available in North America for years, but Technomic said different dishes are increasing in popularity than before. People are now seeking out Ramen, banh mi and other gems of this eastern cuisine.

5. Drink it in–innovation is on the rise in beverages as well as food. Specialty beverages in the form of fountain drinks and sodas, and exotic drinks are adding unique flavours to menus. As well, food and beverage pairings are a holistic success in the restaurant industry.

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